The Power Of Forgiveness

I recently came across an interesting phrase – “hurt people hurt people”. While I already understood the premise behind it, the simplicity of this statement really helped to drive the point home. It also helped to remind me of the importance – and the power – of forgiveness.

It’s a bit of a weird paradox in that the people who need love the most are the ones who deserve it the least! But when you realize that someone who’s trying to hurt you is coming from a place of fear and their own sense of pain, it can help make it easier for you to approach the situation with compassion and forgiveness.

I’m not gonna sugar coat this... forgiving and accepting someone (that includes yourself, by the way) is hard and it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you shift your mindset from a place of anger and blame to one of compassion, you’ll start to notice a difference in how the other person responds to you. You know, it’s that whole Law of Attraction thing – the energy you put out there is the energy that comes back to you. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and believe me, practicing forgiveness and compassion makes life a whole lot easier and drama-free!

I think one of the most important things I’ve learned over the past few years is that you have to see the lessons in the pain. Learn to forgive yourself first because we automatically always blame ourselves for lousy decision making, instead of taking it as a lesson. So first let’s forgive and find compassion for ourselves, it becomes so much easier to forgive others. You have to remember the life you live, the people you invite in it’s all you, you create your own story.

As difficult as forgiveness and acceptance can be to deal with, once you attain them, there’s nothing in this world you can’t achieve.

Is there someone in your life you need to forgive so you can move on? It’s never too late for forgiveness...

Much love,



Elle Daftarian