6 steps to digital detox

Okay, before you read any further, I want you to know that I love social media. I love how it’s enabled me to connect with so many amazing people (like you!) and be inspired by like-minded individuals. But just like anything else that brings us pleasure (I’m talking to you, chocolate!), it’s all about moderation. Which is why, every once in a while, I think it’s good to take a break from all things digital.

These are the six steps I take when I want to give myself a social media

1.Do a social media audit. Do you really need to be on every social media platform? And do you really need to follow back every single person who follows you? Of course you don’t! If you can’t decide who you should or shouldn’t follow, here’s a simple rule-of-thumb: If they don’t uplift you, inspire you or leave you with a positive feeling, unfollow them.

2.Turn off your notifications. Like Pavlov’s dog, we’ve become conditioned to respond to every buzz, beep or ding that comes from our phones. How many times have you been with someone and your conversation is constantly interrupted by their (or your) phone notifications? You stop paying attention to the other person and start thinking about who could be emailing you or liking your latest Instagram post. Instead, turn off those notifications and focus your energy and attention on where it should be.

3.Practice regular fasting. I know – taking a break from social media can be hard, so I recommend that you begin with baby steps. Start by going for a full day without checking your social media feeds. Then a full weekend. Maybe you stretch it out to a whole week! If you like how it feels, make it a regular event.

4.Avoid reaching for your phone when you’re in bed. As a mom with a newborn, I’ve been spending a lot more time awake at night than I do asleep – and believe me, it’s so tempting to just reach for my phone and scroll through Instagram. But it’s actually been proven that spending time on your phone instead of trying to fall back to sleep can slow down melatonin production, as well as affect the quality of your sleep and your moods. Leave the phone on the bedside table and meditate instead.

5.Stop checking the news. I saw a funny post on Twitter not long ago:

           Facebook: Essential oils.

           Snapchat: I’m a bunny!

           Instagram: I ate a hamburger.

           Twitter: THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!

I’ve actually stopped catching up on the news online. There’s just too much negativity! It’s more important for me to be my best self for my children, my husband and my friends than it is to know the latest political or crime updates. For me, listening to or watching the news can be truly soul sucking because it makes me sad and depressed. I’d rather be happy. 

6.Let your friends and family know you’re detoxing. For those people who are used to interacting with you on social media, let them know that you’re planning on taking a break for a bit. This way, you can avoid an onslaught of worried DMs wondering if something’s wrong or that you’ve suddenly dropped off the planet!

Much Love,


Elle Daftarian