Gut Superfood Smoothie Bowl


Before I share this delicious gut superfood smoothie bowl recipe with you I really want you to understand why it’s important to take your daily dose of this fermented organic gut superfoods+
You see, what you eat and drink can impact your gut microbiota. Consider this: if you’re not eating enough high-fibre foods, your gut microbiota may not be getting the fuel they need to help keep you healthy. Genuine Health’s fermented organic gut superfoods+ has made it so easy for you to get your daily dose, with 22 fully fermented plant-based superfoods and prebiotics to Nourish a healthy gut. Taking the fermented organic gut superfoods+ can help support a healthy gut microbiota. It’s an easy-to-tolerate source of prebiotic fibre that helps to feed “good” bacteria and won’t irritate the gut – or cause bloating. Genuine Health has perfected the art of the fermentation process – they use artisanal methods of fermentation and know precisely when to stop the process to ensure peak phytonutrient potency. I make sure to take this product everyday whether it’s in a smoothie bowl, a shake or just mixed with water. To me a healthy GUT means a happy & healthy human. Your feedback, comments and questions are always welcomed.

Much love,

HealthElle Daftarian