Breath it's for Free

“Breath it's for free” – Wim Hof

I recently started watching and learning about the journey of this amazing man. He is known as the Iceman a superhuman who has climbed Mt. Everest in only a pair of shorts and has run a marathon through the desert without any water or shoes.

I was not really impressed by the exterior show that people find fascinating but rather I was touched by his story and the meaning behind why he is doing what he's doing. 

You see most people look at Wim Hof as a superhuman I look at him as human. The only difference between you and him is that he took a really bad situation the universe presented him with and tried to find inner peace with it.

 You see his mythology is deeper then science or entertainment if you listen to his words on a spiritual level only then will you understand that he is no different then the rest of us, the only difference is he took life in his own hands and decided something had to give. He started believing in his own power to heal and didn’t need to go and see a doctor or be medicated to forget and numb the pain.

I think he was so wounded that there was no place to go but within, the one person who could have helped answer his questions in his mind was gone, the person that was his identity, his life, his love was gone. 

The anger of being abandoned was confusing and like ever human the experiences we have are personal to us, so trying to get an answer or to solve it by getting help is pointless. I think Wim was a giver, he gave his life to his wife and her well being, he took care of his children while she was sick, his focus was not on loving himself because that would be selfish. He did not own his life he was living a life.

Sometimes with greatness comes lots of anger, confusion and sadness that does not mean you are being punished but it means you have a different purpose one that is bigger than you and in order for you to tap into it you MUST endure real pain you must get so angry and hurt to the point that society has no answers for you, so that you can dig deep into yourself and find the answers. Then the magic happens when you tell the voices around you to *uck off and you start trusting your own voice that’s when you become superhuman.

Wim Hof is amazing not because he can do something that you think you never will, but because he taps into himself and started trusting his own voice starting listening and starting becoming a student, he stopped trying to control what he thought he could and started trusting his journey. 

He is a superhuman to you because you have still not tapped into your inner power. Stop trying to please others, stop being so hard on yourself, stop thinking you're not good enough, stop blaming your environment, and start owning what’s yours, start teaching what you know, always be a student of life and never stop inspiring people around you. Start loving where you are, being thankful you are on this plant, honour the body you live in, trust that you are enough and take a very deep breath because you can.

HealthElle Daftarian