“If you want be the best you have to rise before the rest”

April 15 th ,2016

“If you want to be the best you have to rise before the rest.”

That is my mantra every day! My life changed for the better once I made an effort to wake up early every morning and include ‘me’ time as part of my daily ritual. It’s my selfish time and, I cherish it so much. I hear people talk about how they never have time to do anything and I laugh inside because that used to be me I had every excuse in the book for why I had no time for myself.

I have realized, however, that you can’t force people to see things your way no matter how knowledgeable & inspirational you are. We only change our habits when we feel ready. And when you’re ready “I don’t have time” will turn into “I WILL MAKE TIME.” The most valuable lesson I have learned is that there is nothing more important than your wellbeing, let's be honest how good are you to anyone if you're not kind to yourself. The only way to achieve this is by giving yourself time to be, to think, and reflect. And maybe write, just like I am doing right now! We all have incredible stories to tell so why are we holding back? Why can’t we be proud of who we are and the lives we’ve created for ourselves? Why is it that we never feel like we are good enough, that we haven’t reached perfection? These questions are what hold us back from experiencing amazing things in life. The fear of not doing enough, the fear of not being enough, the fear of not having a lot all of it holds you back and, there is no way the cycle will end until you make time to be with yourself!

So on this beautiful morning merely give yourself a moment to show gratitude for your health, your family, the roof over your head, and the food that is in your fridge. Acknowledging the good in your life will make you realize how lucky you are. Choose to stop competing with the world, because there will always be someone prettier, someone more productive, someone smarter than you so stop looking outward and start looking inward to loving yourself more.

All it takes is merely waking up an hour earlier in the morning! I promise you your life WILL change. But what do I know?

Oh! Wait I do know. I am living proof.

“If you want to be the best you have to rise before the rest.”

–Elle Daftarian