Mindful living!

Mindful living!

So let’s start dreaming and focusing on our purpose crazy enough your gonna realize how rich you already are.

What does it mean to live mindfully? Well, I’ll tell you what it means to me, it means being present in your life, aligned with your goals and purpose and understanding you are where you are because you are supposed to be here, surrounding yourself with real loving people & always knowing to love yourself before anyone else.

People often try and challenge their situations instead of embracing it. I’ll use myself as an example- I wanted to be rich and famous at one point in my life, my focus was to be with someone successful, become successful and have all the things I have ever dreamed off. Guess what I got all of that and I felt like I had nothing, I had never been more lost and confused in my life. You see I focused on Money rather than purpose I showed no gratitude towards my situation but rather challenged it to be bigger and better.

We often question our purpose in life. So instead of being in the moment and experiencing everything without judgment, & trusting that life is happening for us, not to us we try to challenge, resist and push for a different way, and to me, that's where we go wrong. 

You need to dig deep and figure out what you value in life. Once you respect your values and put them first, your path becomes more clear, you work towards a feeling rather than a thing, you become more mindful of the decisions you make, and you trust yourself because you are confident in your choices & desires. 

See the definition of money is this: Something used as a way to pay for goods and services and pay people for their work. Nowhere in that sentence does it say it brings you purpose or fulfillment. 

So be mindful and forgiving when it comes to yourself, try and get a clear understanding of what your intentions are how do you want to fell? Who do you want to be? 

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The word purpose is defined as followed: The reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something.

So when you become rich with no purpose because you forgot to set intentions and you only focused on MONEY, guess what you will always be paying for goods and services, and always searching for the WHY. 

When you are poor it's really no different, the only difference is that you focus on the lack of having money and that focus deters you from your purpose.

So my only recommendation is this be OK with where you are, be mindful of the small blessings, be mindful of who you are, remind yourself everyday of your purpose, and always remember money doesn’t define you it buys you things. So let's start dreaming and focusing on our purpose crazy enough your gonna realize how rich you already are.

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