Thoughts and Fears

Happy Monday everyone let’s talk about thoughts and fears! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and are ready to take this week by storm. What are you doing today to be productive and better yourself as a person?

Maybe you’re getting in a killer workout? Finishing a huge school project? Getting ahead on your work? Or even, taking a day for yourself? Tell me, how are you starting your week?

So, I thought the best way to start the week would be for me to share another one of my journal entries. This will be the second journal entry I share with you! To read my first one click here.

Today you will be reading my reflection. I reflect on my thoughts and fears, more specifically the importance of listening to our children and pushing them to do things that may scare them.

Have a read and let’s discuss your thoughts in the comments below.

Today was an early rise for our whole family. Believe it or not, we all got up at

4:45AM, and no one was tired! So, we had all this crazy free time, which kind of made me wonder why we don’t do it more often?

Sophia and I took Cash for a quick walk and had a chat about her track and field
that was starting today. She said to me, “ mommy I hope it’s not too hard, I am really
scared”. Me being me ( lol ) took that comment very seriously, and my reply to her
was, “everything GREAT in life comes, from hard work”. I went on by telling her that
she cannot make a judgment and put a negative emotion towards something she
had never experienced. I talked to her a little bit, about fear, and as we were
walking back, she took a very deep breath and said, “ OK I will try it and give it my
best shot”. I made her scream out , “track and field ROCKS!” as we walked home.

While making breakfast, I started thinking that we often take the little comments made by our children, and choose to ignore them. We forget that what comes out of their cute little mouths, are the thoughts they have in their brains. If those thoughts are not corrected they will turn into fear.

I forced Sophia to sign up for track and field, not because I think she will win an
Olympic metal, but because I want her to experience things out of her comfort
zone. To me that is very important.

“It is easier to build up a child than it is to
repair an adult…”

Much Love


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