Top 3 products to fight pregnancy stretch Marks

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There are so many surprises and changes to our bodies with pregnancy. For the most part everything eventually gets put back into place. But stretch marks, they are pretty much stuck with you for life unless you spend thousands of dollars on lasers to get ride of them. To help prevent stretch marks there are 3 products I absolutely love.

First off, I wanna give you a few simple tips to prevent stretch marks:

  1. Control your weight. One of the most helpful things you can do to prevent stretch marks, is to maintain a healthy weight, try your best to make healthy choices when it comes to your cravings.
  2. Stay hydrated.  
  3. Eat a nutrient-rich diet.  
  4. Include vitamin C in your diet. 
  5. Soak up some vitamin D.  
  6. Eat foods rich in zinc. 

Here are my top 3 product choices:


The Almond Supple Skin oil is from one of my favourite product lines L'occitane. This oil is so light weight and smells amazing while keeping skin hydrated for 48h. Formulated with more than 50% almond oil, this light body oil effectively helps skin feel firmer and smoother. Skin feels nourished and more supple thanks to the ideal combination of almond oil and camelina oil, rich in omegas 3 and 6. While I still use it every morning this is a great product to start with during your first trimester.


Belly Jelly is absolutely amazing and Canadian ;). It's a rich emollient balm designed to intensely moisturize the skin. Packed full of oils high in vitamin E, Belly Jelly increases the skin’s elasticity, allowing it to stretch with your growing belly. Organic Shea Butter, Oats, Lavender and a special blend of essential oils further nurture the skin to add that extra ounce of prevention. I use this product every night before bed. It's very greasy at first, but absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves the belly super soft and shiny.


Stretch Mark Massage Oil uses ingredients to nurture your skin throughout your pregnancy. Sweet almond oil, vitamin E rich wheat germ oil and extract of arnica are used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I absolutely love the WELEDA line of products - I use a lot of their oils, so it was a natural choice for me. I use this oil every other day right after I come out of the shower or sometimes I put it on first then apply Jelly Belly before bed.

I would love to hear from you guys about some of your favourite products or if you do use the ones I recommend would love your feedback.


Much love,