Happy Mother’s Day


The gift that is motherhood!

To me being a mom, means I have an important role. I have the privilege of shaping a human being, to contribute in a positive way to her environment. I also have the privilege of shaping a young women who will have enough self worth and confidence that she can do something meaningful and purposeful with her life .

I learned many years ago that in order for me to raise a happy and healthy child, I simply need to be myself . To lead by example and nothing more.

To me being a mom, means having fun and learning from my daughter, because she has a lot more to teach me than I do her. Children have no judgment, they are pure, loving and full of excitement shouldn’t we all be that way?

If you have been blessed to raise a human don’t take it for granted. Don’t complain, don’t be ungrateful for your situation, instead think about the opportunity you have to become a better version of yourself trough your child. Let them fill you with love, laughter and curiosity. Stop trying to control, and start just being in the moment.

Love yourself so they can learn to love themselves through you, because after all YOU are all they have.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mother’s out there.

Much Love,