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From the book “A Beautiful Mess!


Nine Shifts
Nine Days

In just nine days, move from stressed out, overworked, and uninspired to living a life that is creative, joyful, fulfilling, healthy, energized, and absolutely full of beautiful, simple, extraordinary moments each day.

Using only the most successful learning methodologies, The “Nine Shifts Nine Days” mission leads you to new levels in nine aspects of your life. This mission is for people who are ready to do the work, create new habits and adjust (or not) their mindset and lifestyle to lead to greater fulfillment, joy, creativity, passion, inspiration, and genuine success – an authentic life that you’re excited to wake up and live on a daily basis. 



Live your authentic life

The “Nine Shifts Nine Days” mission is a method started by Elle Daftarian, TV personality, entrepreneur, mother, writer, and dog lover. Elle is on a mission to share her discoveries with you. 

“These are subtle shifts, not hard-and-fast rules. This isn’t a strict formula and you don’t have to change a single thing about your routine unless you want to. I’m confident that once you’ve taken a look at life from this angle, any changes you decide to make will come naturally. You’ll be eager to embrace your own beautiful mess, focus on what really matters to you, and be fully present in your own wonderfully authentic life.”

The “Nine Shifts Nine Days” mission, breaks the shifts into 10–20 minute daily sessions with touching stories and habit-building exercises. By the end of the 9-day course, you will have a journal full of measurable shifts in your life!

These short daily exercises are enhanced with tried and true personal explorations designed to instigate those shifts that lead you to extraordinary moments in your day, and a joyful, fulfilling life.


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